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When looking for the right lenses, you need to know that the pair you are purchasing is reliable and dependable. We carry a large selection of lenses, and you can choose additional enhancements to help provide yourself with the best vision experience. Our in-house lab will make sure that your lenses are free from scratches and blemishes before you try them on.

We provide comprehensive exams to identify any eye-related diseases and conditions.

Impact Resistant Lenses

The polycarbonate lenses are 10 times more impact resistant than traditional plastic lenses.


Lighter Lenses

The polycarbonate lenses are up to 35% thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses. They are also the

most comfortable.


UV Protection Lenses

The polycarbonate lenses help shield your eyes from almost 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays


Scratch Resistant Lenses

The polycarbonate lenses are ideal for resisting scratches and durability.

Types of Lenses We Carry

In addition to the types of lenses we offer, we specialize in enhancing your lenses. Our options include:

  • Transition lenses

  • Crizal

  • Polarized lenses


Call our office today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam and let us show you the options in lenses.

Lens Enhancements

We are committed to offer the best lenses available. We have a large selection of different type lenses for you to choose from. If you need help to choose the lens, our team members will help you in finding the right one to match your lifestyle.

Quality Lenses for Your Eyes

Let us Help you Choose the Right Lenses